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10 trillion new credit this year is expected to fall

9.78 trillion yuan, which is 2014 new Yuan loans for the full year, from the 10 trillion yuan is only one step away.
market is expected, even amount of new loans in the year 2015 2014 years 2015 also exceeded 10 trillion yuan of RMB loans, because in 2014 from 2013, compared with an increase of 890 billion yuan of RMB loans.
in fact, many factors from 2015 exceeded 10 trillion yuan of new Yuan loans are expected to become a reality.
macro-economic situation in 2015, China's economic growth rate is still in Active slow structural adjustment and transition period, at around 7% under the background of economic growth, maintain existing levels of credit and even a slightly higher point will be the orientation of monetary policy, which, at the just-concluded 2015 years of the people's Bank of credit and financial markets Conference, I can see some clues. Conference specifically requested to continue to implement a prudent monetary policy, more elastic moderate-oriented, directional control and reform and innovation. Keep reasonably adequate liquidity, guidance and social finance steady moderate growth of money and credit, for restructuring and upgrading to create neutral moderate monetary and financial environment. At the interval on the basis of the regulation of directional control, for optimizing the credit structure.
this times speech in first time also get has Bank currency policy implementation Shang of response, January 16 Bank that clear this year of first added directed credit put, increased credit policy support again loan lines 50 billion yuan, which agriculture again loan 20 billion yuan, and support small again loan 30 billion yuan, to support financial institutions continues to expanded "three agricultural" and small micro-enterprise credit put, guide reduced social financing cost.
from the Central Bank's announcement and practice can be expected 2015 Bank directed to release the liquidity will continue, while the overall drop would fall remains to be seen, but "remain reasonably adequate liquidity, guidance and social finance steady moderate growth of money and credit" means that new Yuan loans this year will only increase, and not shrink back.
capital markets aspects, 2014 shares listed has again opening and on track, market is expected to 2015 shares listed pace will has speed up, this also means with market liquidity will often by playing new funds of effect, from 2014 of case view, Bank for short-term of market liquidity regulation has increasingly skilled, "money shortage" a word in 2014 also less was mentioned, is expected to 2015 Bank still will maintained existing of regulation level, to keep liquidity reasonable ample.
at the same time, if a stock 2015 continued the bullish trend of the end of 2014, you move bank deposits will be more obvious, in order to ensure liquidity in the interbank market, overall drop one or two times that expected by the market.
overall, since the beginning of 2008 as the global financial crisis, China's new lending has been at a high level, as China's economic output rose to the world's second economy base expanded in China has to maintain a certain credit increments. Over the years from 2008 to the present case, more poor global economic environment and domestic economic instability when the amount of credit growth will be greater, which not only reflected on changes in annual figures, more embodied in each monthly credit growth numbers. 2009 credit, believes the amount of days in the minds of many is still in memory.
10 trillion yuan, not a fraction, for structure, steady growth of China, the new credit also tends to be relatively stable, too much too much credit in the short term will bring some economic growth, but it takes longer time to digest some of the negative effects that come with such as overcapacity, overlapping projects or consumption BACK