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A small business owner without mortgage experience

back in July this year to the Standard Chartered Bank Nanjing branch unsecured loans sector write when applying for loans, Gao Chen still is perturbed, he smiled and said that he just wanted to try it, but no reply.

Gao Chen is a native of Jiangsu, graduated in 1999 from Nanjing University. And many students choose the Government, banks and other State-owned agencies, he had made up his mind to start your own business, after 7 years of hard, Kyushu, he founded his own company in Nanjing area of communication technology limited, the company registered capital of 2 million Yuan, mainly to do electronic dictionary products such as agent, current title is hyt and Casio.

through the bottlenecks of SMEs in the third year, the company has been good development speed, gross margins around 30% that sales had exceeded 30 million Yuan, from 30lai was expanded to seventy or eighty. In this market segment, Gao Chen and his team are among the best sales performance in Nanjing. Meanwhile, the company formed a concept of change from product to service, from Nanjing to expand into other cities in Jiangsu province network, and open the network channels.

However, with expansion is the shortage of funds, which has been plagued by Gao Chen, and manufacturers after the closing of the month cash flow especially nervous. Most worried when he worked for tens of thousands of Yuan and the East moved west concurred. He is not considered a Bank, this year has been a period of time, he traveled almost all Bank, Nanjing city, even find a classmate in the Bank, but when it comes to mortgage loans, the two sides can't continue to talk. "Banks require collateral, such as housing, accounts receivable, and guarantees the company also talked about, but the requirements are very complex, and failed. "At that moment, Gao Chen said he felt strange and Bank.

until July of this year, Gao Chen sent that message, presented his company, expressed the wish to apply for unsecured loans-things by accident, because Gao Chen and Standard Chartered Bank Nanjing Branch Office neighbor, everything has changed.

less than three days, he has received the return, Standard Chartered an account executive the door soon. After you have reviewed the company's financial statements and accounting documents, Standard Chartered Bank after a week he told Gao Chen loan applications have been approved, Standard Chartered's business person to come during several field surveys, from the employee's social security to a detailed understanding of the corporate culture. Finally write mail to get from Standard Chartered's 600,000 yuan loan without collateral, less than three weeks time.

"the whole process is equal, it's a nice feeling, rather we are asking for work. I think they are more important as a legal person, your industry experience including your industry reputation. "Gao Chen concludes the successful experience of their application. In the "Renaissance of SME Finance Forum", Standard Chartered signed a cooperation agreement with the SME Bureau of Nanjing, plans in the next five years, Standard Chartered China Nanjing branch will comply with laws and regulations and Standard Chartered China under Nanjing SMEs with no less than RMB 1 billion yuan of loans.

"600,000 yuan can I create 3 million to 4 million a month in sales, and a rolling cycle. "In the past, said Gao Chen also often concern encouraging SME policy, but often no consultation, the door into the Bank's threshold for them is prohibitive, but now it also means 600,000 yuan for him is a recognized," felt road become wide. "

now, Standard Chartered account manager has given Gao Chen recommends some cash management products, and Gao Chen received first class is in the Standard Chartered personal finance. Current Gao Chen, or there are no more personal finance and money, but he said that if the account, "then the first will certainly consider Standard Chartered."

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