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Credit helps you purchase ostentatious artifact

Credit helps you purchase the next generation show off artifacts Apple Watch, "no" or "not enough money" is no longer a problem.
2014 when Apple iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus, Apple is excited. But some Apple fan for some reason failed to buy iPhone6 and iPhone6, plus, it is a pity. Apple yesterday released the Smart Watch Apple Watch, at least 2588 Yuan, up to 126800 Yuan, called new generation show off artifacts. Want to buy Apple Watch but not enough money to do? Credit to help you!
credit loans are also known as unsecured loans without collateral on personal credit can get. If you want to successfully apply for credit, the borrower must meet the following conditions enumerated in small series.
1, and age in 18--55 age (most Bank requirements borrowing people age in 22 age above, part Bank will relax conditions to 18 age)
2, and has stable of work, can provides stamped company seal of income proved, months punch wage in 3000 Yuan above (different bank requirements varies, to specific products for associate)
3, and personal credit good, half within don't appeared late over 90 days of situation (different bank requirements will has difference)
4, and Have sufficient repayment ability
generally speaking, credit lines of credit can be up to about 10 times the monthly income of the borrower. If the borrower has large assets, such as car, home,, the maximum loan amount will be income 15 times, or even more than 20 times. So, apply for credit to purchase "the Apple gift package" is poke.
in addition to credit loans, credit cards can also stage and car mortgages to get a new generation show off artifacts Apple Watch. Using credit cards to purchase new generation show off artifacts Apple Watch, if after the cardholder spending, to full repayment at this time can also stage payments via credit card, however, is in need of attention is no interest credit card repayment, but it will have some excess, the cardholder must calculate the amount of fees. If borrowers name on cars, mortgages through the car, often with collateral, loan amount would be even higher, loan will lower the threshold, borrowers may choose not to guard the way to borrow funds at the same time, nor does it affect the car's use. BACK