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Gangs known as the unsecured loan scam more than 400,000

Are unsecured fast loan, but under various pretexts to defraud charges. Yesterday, Huang Pi County Police, the fraud ring was smashed.
last November, Huang Po she Kou Street, in a small brick and tile factory alarm Gong cheated. He bought the fare enough, find a loan company on the Internet. The other said unsecured, unsecured lending fast, small gong, then apply for the loan, and successively to the designated account to deposit a total of more than 20,000 yuan. But loan did not get an answer, fees or small Gong Sui alarm. Huang Po Police investigation,
and found the suspect hiding in the Fujian jiangle County Community, then rushed to the Fujian, have captured four men and a woman, 5 suspects.
locked in police crime computer loan contracts, transfer records, chat transcripts, and other key evidence of up to 1000 people, the victims across the country. At present, the police have contacted more than 100 people to verify the cases over more than 10, there are more than more than 40 cases are still under investigation, the amount of money involved has reached more than 400,000 yuan. BACK