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ICBC personal unsecured loan application guide

personal unsecured loan bank ICBC to creditworthy customers without guarantee of RMB credit loans.

product features
loan amount and term loan Threshold Amount is 10,000 yuan, the longest loan term of up to 3 years. 
with revolving loan functions: one, recycling, hop by hop, convenient, and available via the merchant POS and self release of online channels such as bank loans.

the criteria for 1. Chinese citizens have full capacity for civil conduct, age 18 (inclusive) to 60 (inclusive) between the years.
2. have a valid proof of identity and loans where proof of residence (or valid residence certificate).
3. have a stable source of income and ability to repay the loan principal and interest in full and on schedule.
4. have a good credit record and repayment will, without any violation and bad records.
5. get grade b in ICBC's retail internal rating system (or more) risk rating.
6. ICBC stock customer, customer should star in the 4 star (or more).
7. opened personal settlement account in ICBC.
8. other conditions stipulated by Bank.

in addition to the above conditions, it also has one of the following conditions:
(1) high quality corporate or institutional clients of the ICBC's senior and middle management and senior professional titles. Among them, for quality legal or institutional payroll service clients of the ICBC shall be such number of years working for three years (or more) making up a regular employee, or troops, armed police, acting in the rank of major (or more) personnel.
(2) industrial and commercial bank private banking, wealth management, Peony card or financial account clients. For the financial account customers, are required to have a bank banking account card 1-year (or more), while almost 1 year I move in the value of financial assets of the ICBC quarter of average daily balance at 200,000 yuan (or more).
(3) in the industrial and commercial bank of non-collateral personal loans aggregate amount of 1 million Yuan (or more), and last for 2 years (or more) no record late (closed).
(4) households have net assets (real estate and financial assets) up to 3 million Yuan (or more), or nearly 6 months with 500,000 yuan, and daily financial assets (included).
(5) is not less than the industrial and commercial bank private banking, wealth management or Peony Platinum access standards of his good customers.
(6) personal pre-tax annual income of 200,000 yuan (or more).

1. and the spouse of a valid identity document, proof of marital status (marriage certificate, divorce certificate or single statements, etc).
2. I proof of residence (residence booklet or other valid residence certificate).
3. my proof of income and employment.
4. loan use certificates or declarations and commitments do not enter the stock market, futures market and for real estate development, equity investment shall not be used for loan to obtain illegal income;
5. complies with the criteria (1), must provide the employer a valid job certification or professional level certificate issued by the relevant departments of the State. Of a borrower's wages only for the industrial and commercial bank's customers, and work units must provide the borrower with the signing of labor contracts.
6. meet the application conditions (2) to (5), must provide own various types of accounts, financial proof of assets and property ownership certificates.
7. meet the application conditions (6), is also required to provide a certificate from the local tax Department last year personal income tax payment voucher.
8. other information required by the Bank.