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Providing property to improve mortgage required three close

Have the certificate to help out, loanable amount based on the original significantly improved, it's no wonder that is obviously no mortgage, many people enthusiastically copy of title deed to pay up. But then again, really can not waste their efforts, in lines enhance the green light on it? Standing on the bank angle would still have a combination of the following three matters, call answer.
1. who is the owner?
turn over the title deed, judge first letter will gaze on homeowners, a taste of real estate ownership. As a rule, only the applicant or the spouse of the houses, to meet line upgrade requirements. In addition, if impressively write their spouse's name on the certificate, must have a marriage certificate as evidence to judge on the relationship between the letter at face value, dispel doubts. So, if submit financial proof for parents or their friends, who all, in all likelihood is a sieve.
2. homes where?
, according to regulations, real estate must first apply and are located in the same city can be handy. Overtones is, even if the property value but is located in the field but eventually arrived the short Board, just thing of the eye in the eye, Coast range. For example, in Beijing, apply for a loan, housing needs in Beijing, on line upgrade, just makes sense.
3. House property?
on the housing property, never is the way that the Bank takes all available. Only with a listed capacity of housing, can the Bank escaped, in other words, if there is no city, at best, property can only be used as proof of residence, who expected to amount to upgrade help, it would be a big mistake.
3 doses of the forehead and a good plan can help a "currency"
after reading all these rules, I believe many people can not help feeling: want to go through the property line of upgrade this road really is not simple. Even a man, be bound by a provision, has become a man. So, really how much knowledge on weekdays for a rainy day. BACK