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The unsecured loans of banks and micro-credit company which is better?

In today's evolving economy, unsecured loans more and more working people of all ages, makes unsecured loans market demand is growing. Banks and micro-credit companies have launched their own mortgage-free products. So here's the thing, the unsecured loans of banks and micro-credit company which is better?
in fact, banks and small loan unsecured loan be each have their own good, no one is the best, because the right people. Time for the credits, loans, loan term, a minimum monthly income of the applicant, the applicant age, Bank and micro-credit company unsecured loan products are also different.
banks can apply for unsecured loan product lines, lending time, loans with other small companies compared to the longest, but the relatively higher income requirements, the minimum monthly income before taxes more than 4000 or 5000. Small unsecured loans for borrowers of the loan companies looser requirements, banks borrowed money may be able to borrow from small loan company.
from the loan interest rate and the interest rates, banks ' unsecured loan products comparative advantage. Unsecured loan products of the bank interest rate is low, low annual interest rate of around 4%, and high is at 10%. But small loan company unsecured loan interest rates relatively high, high above 20%.
by application conditions and costs considered, we can choose one that best suits your product. Although micro-credit companies much higher fees than banks, but barriers to entry are low, monthly income before taxes more than 3000 can be applied, and no special requirements on the professional industry, especially for low income working group application. BACK