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Three dominant credit loan comparison

Along with the personal credit system in China gradually improving and everybody changes in consumer attitudes, credit much-favored borrowers of such loans.
a clear benefit, borrowers as long as good credit record, there is a reliable source of income, can apply. Shortcomings also exist, of course, such loans with higher interest rates. So many credit loan products on the market which best or most appropriate? After 360 below for detailed comparison of the three mainstream credit products.
application conditions
Citi Bank happiness Shi loan applies Yu 18-55 age, tax Qian months income at least Yuan 4000 Yuan, has stable work of China citizens; peace Bank new a loan requirements borrowing people monthly income is greater than 3000 Yuan, income requirements has reduced; Ningbo Bank white-collar pass although in months income Shang no improve threshold, but its only applies Yu quality customer, including civil servants, and teachers, and doctor or other institutions prepared personnel, and oil, and petrochemical, and Telecommunications, electricity, salt industry, port, lawyer, accountant, finance, Fortune 500 corporate middle managers, people are relatively concentrated, it is not a good spread of products.
applies area
Citi Bank happiness Shi loan requirements borrowing people work, and live in Shanghai, and Beijing or Guangzhou, applies area range smaller; and peace Bank new a loan currently has carried out of city including Beijing, and Shanghai, and Tianjin, and Chongqing, and Guangdong, and Zhejiang, and Fujian, and Jiangsu, and Shandong, and Liaoning, and Sichuan, and Hubei, and Yunnan, and Hainan, applies range more wide; Ningbo Bank white-collar General applies Yu has Ningbo Bank dot of provinces.
loan interest rate
Citi Bank happiness Shi loan months interest rate for 1.4%, but actual interest rate main according to customer qualification and set, as career, and income and the liabilities situation, conditions more good often interest rate more low; peace Bank new according to different type of customer, provides of fixed months interest rate from 1.59%-1.99% ranging, which on since hired people and loan amount in 30,000 yuan following of customer, months interest rate highest can up 1.99% ; Bank of Ningbo white-collar work because of its target group more focused and in good standing, and loan term is shorter, thus lower monthly interest rate, current month interest rate is 0.65%.
loan amount and term
Citibank loan maximum amount of RMB 500,000, the loan period of up to 4 years, the life of the loan can be used for expenses, including purchase of home, travel, hiking, learning learning, wedding reception, decoration decoration, car services, etc. Ping an Bank new loan period of up to 3 years, happiness, usage, Citibank loan credit lines the same. Bank of Ningbo white-collar pass loans amount to 10.3 million, offers a maximum of 3 years credit, but single loan actually has the longest term is 1 year in 3 years that can limit the validity period at any time apply for a loan, within 1 year, but each loan must be repaid, and pay later can apply for the loan.
early repayment penalty
Citibank credit and ping an Bank new loan provisions, if the customer on its loan repayments in advance, you also need to bear the penalty of the remaining principal of the loan 5%; Bank of Ningbo white-collar work with the loan with repayment.
according to thaw 360 Web site information, Citigroup happy loan for 7 working days (approval for 3 working days), ping an Bank new loan for 5 working days (approval for 2 days); Bank of Ningbo white-collar workers a 3-day pass (approval for 2 working days). White-collar-pass loans more quickly. BACK