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Women Bank charge 10,000 more determined not to retreat

To the Bank, staff turnovers, Wang charged the public 10,000 yuan. She didn't utter a Word, later refused to return of overpaid Money Bank to court. Yesterday, huiji District Court, Wang is unjust, be returned to 10,000 yuan.
the morning of July 18 last year, Miss Wang at home next to one of the public banks finished business left. When the
the Bank at the end of accounts count, found less 10,000 yuan in cash. Review was found to be a bank teller Liu rarely charged Wang 10,000 yuan in cash.
teller Liu said after he took the Lady cards and cash, when you haven't had time to put money counter counts, Wang requested that she purchased before 70,000 yuan investment product input cards that have expired. Enter after the success of Liu to 60,000 yuan in cash in a money counter counts before. Rashness, Liu took 70,000 yuan into Wang's card, and then buy them according to their requests for two products.
when a mistake is found, night of the Bank will get in contact with Wang and to apologize, when Ms Wong admitted that he received 10,000 yuan, and expressed their willingness to return.
subsequently, Wang with the banks to play a "hide" and refuse to refund.
return 10,000 Yuan on January 7 this year, banks will be Ms Wang to court, requested Decree Wang returned the wrong save 10,000 yuan in cash.
"of Ms Wang's refusal to return in our staff wrong 10,000 yuan, constituted unjust enrichment, 10,000 Yuan should be returned to us. "On the Court, playing as important evidence at the scene after a surveillance video, representatives from the Bank said.
Court by trial think, Bank submitted of monitoring video in the displayed has day King ladies to plaintiffs at handle business, and from himself with of package in the took several stack money handed to plaintiffs Cabinet Member, and Cabinet Member for King ladies inspection note and handle related business of full process, so King ladies refused to returned Bank Cabinet Member wrong save of 10,000 yuan cash of behavior constitute improper enrichment, judgment King ladies returned Bank 10,000 yuan. BACK